Bard Parker Handle With No-11 Blade

The  Bard Parker Handle is a versatile surgical instrument commonly used in medical procedures.

  1. Bard Parker Handle:
    • The Bard Parker Handle is made of  medical-grade stainless steel.
    • It serves as the base or holder for surgical blades.
    • The handle is designed for  combined use with various blade shapes and sizes.
    • Its length is approximately  12.5 cm (5 inches), providing a comfortable grip.
    • The handle accommodates the  No. 11 Bard Parker blade, which is widely used in surgical practice.
  2. No. 11 Blades:
    • The No. 11 blade is primarily used for  penetrating incisions.
    • Common applications include  drainage of abscesses or removal of  chalazions (cysts on the eyelid).
    • These blades are sharp and precise, making them suitable for delicate procedures.